This place
is a Shangri La
Or some very old world.
So explore little joy,
And don’t worry
Just look at the sky,
what does it care for us?

The trees shudder, like cracking bone,
Listen to their groans
Echoing through known unknowns.
And light pours
Washing with the river
Where we give our memories
Sending them away with the other dead things
It’s brought down in currents.

Up out from the night with a pounding whirl
Come the stars,
Burrowing their way deep into the ground
Bejewelling skeletons in the soil around
Starry eyed skulls astound
Fantastical and half resurrecting.
Everything is meant to be.
Make your book full now, draw your pictures
Scatter all you see like seeds over soil
Voyager! My voyager
Let this old, mighty paradise
Earn your meaning.

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