I was as happy as Larry [and Larry is pretty darn happy] to see my work on the pages of BOOOOOOOM! Many thanks to the guys on there for spotting me and including me on their pages. I've had them bookmarked for a while and enjoy spending my time pouring over their pages of selected miscellania from all different creative fields.



I have just had a week in London, doing the usual...seeing good friends whilst finding a little time to visit museums, exhibitions and the odd gallery here and there. Coming back to the North I feel restored after a much needed dose of cultural inspiration mainly found at Sir John Soane's Museum in Holborn, principally a museum of architecture, but to me a wunderkammer of rare and precious antiquities to discover and explore.



During some babbling sleep
Your fluttering eyes
Traced their way
Through spindled lines of history
To where not even you remember now

When trees whispered low
In hushed voices
Sounding like
The rain and roaring light,
And blind men led themselves
Further into darkness
Where each thought was distilled
Through their despair.

Tip toed on the destroying edge
One feeling fell into another,
And plunged
Into the smallest certainty
Of your unexpected learning:
Nothing of Origins, nothing of purpose,
No answers to those crucial questions of being,
And all these huge things
Truly, they don’t matter.

Darling, you babbled brightly with this settling realisation
As it unveiled itself that night

Like the colours in a wet stone.



A couple of drawings I'm working on at the moment.
It's thunder and lightning outside...I like it.



Today I was happy to discover I have been featured in the daily art blog BROWN PAPER BAG, a space that emphasises beautiful artworks created on paper. The blog's curator had these kind words to say about my work:

"He uses graphite to cre­ate his work, often depict­ing por­traits done in great detail. They are ethereal and at times a lit­tle strange, pair­ing peo­ple with a myr­iad of sym­bols using the blank paper to exist in a desert of white or cream. I am taken by the beau­ti­ful way in which Ki Yoong han­dles all of the sub­tleties that graphite has to offer, and espe­cially how they trans­late on to the web (not an easy feat if you’ve ever attempted this)."

Many thanks to Sara E. Barnes at Brown Paper Bag for including my work alongside the many other great and innovative contemporary artists featured in your inspirational blog.