I am the lipstick of a thousand possibilities, twinkling in your handbag. I am the red of hot cheeks, Burns’ Rose, the skies at night and all of the most incredible reds in the world. So come on girl let me paint your lips red, as red as those feelings that flame inside and let’s turn those pretty pink lips into barbarous lovers. I’m dreaming big, of Romeo and Juliet (who else!) and kisses on Moon River and all the wonderful clichés that my red would be perfect for, drinking it all down with red wine and red L.O.V.E. words. Trust me, my red is the red of happy endings, of love at first sights, of the most extraordinary and incredible breath taking moments. So why am I here rattling around in the bottom of your handbag, just me and the loose change, come on…give me the good stuff.



I go everywhere I can          
to get as much of the world into my finite eyes
from the very wide-ranging to the most delicate and blisteringly perfect
challenged and amazed by
all the wonders that recede
into vanishing points.
Until, at the end of a sunset,
when the details of my dreams and the details of the day
are mixing in
like colours in water,
I say ‘goodnight’
to the moon,
to my baby, sugar, lover, light
and the stars that shake in the sky like tinsel.