A new drawing. I really would write more about it but my brain has fallen out of my ears and is sliding out of the door with the slugs and woodlice. Goodbye my lovely.



Elsa's been keeping me company at my studio recently...the barer of fortunes cookies, long lunch breaks and curious artifacts to draw.

Lee and Shing enjoying the Deutsche Guggenheim where we saw Agatha Snow's Access All World exhibition...artistic visions that move between apocalyptic decay and the 'unshakable faith in human ingenuity and common sense'.

Shing at the KulturForum on our recent visit to Berlin. This sprawling gallery houses an extensive collection of classical arts.
I have every intention of enjoying the company of my friends and art in unison from now on...I'll paint on their faces whilst they dream of Duchamp; draw their portraits whilst they rant about Rauschenberg.