Climb the fences and open the gate
Cover life with leaves
The taste of soil between teeth
Searching at the top of trees.
Read a hundred beautiful books and throw them into the fire.
Soon it’ll be a joke like Pluto.
Put on something pretty
And go to the burning city.
Forgive the dog for shitting on the grave because he was a best friend for a long time.
The birds are planning a reprisal against the cat, they look serious.
Aching hands and jaws
Bloodshot eyes,
Not knowing how some people do it
Marching, drumming, clapping
Banners and flags occupying the streets, obsessing over life and hallelujahs
Running, racing for love.
You threw yourself into the lake
Setting the fish into a frenzy
Swimming in the mystery
Through monstrosities and monsters.

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