Krimskrams is an exhibition at the Cartel Gallery, a new project space in South East London presenting curatorial experiments in contemporary art. Housed in a black shipping container, Cartel's programme is decided by a flexible consortium of international members, proposing 6 projects a year starting June 2010. The show is curated by Sam Venables and Richard Proffitt of the Liverpool based artist-led gallery The Royal Standard, who have recently exhibited at No Soul For Sale at Tate Modern and Global Studio at the Bluecoat gallery.
‘Krimskrams’ translates from German as ‘odds and ends’...The countless little worthless things that fade into the background of life. I will be exhibiting the three drawings above; they gently sit alongside an assortment of objects, existing together as an accumulation of bits and pieces which hold an indefinite feeling of remembrance of a watery past. A procession of plastic pigs, found overlooked objects, shimmering light boxes, meaty collages, last night’s curried chips...together they make a room of curiosities from a strange and abstract memory.
Artists exhibiting include Sam Venables, Richard Proffitt, Harry Lawson, myself and others.
Krimskrams will be showing from 24 Sept -24 Oct.

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